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How does the Club Championships work ?

The club championships are the most prestigious competition played at the club each year. The winner note only receives the title of Club Champion but also has their name etched on the clubhouse board for posterity. The club championships are really 2 competitions - a scratch competition for the players with the best scratch rounds (gross round before handicap deduction) in qualifying and a handicap competition for the best net rounds (after handicap) in qualifying.

How do I enter ?

Only 8 players each year qualify for the club championships (7 qualifiers plus the defending champion). There are 6 qualifying rounds held throughout May - these are denoted on the Fixtures List with the acronym "CCQ". The 7 players with the best cumulative gross stroke play scores from 2 out of these 6 rounds qualify for the next stage of the scratch club championships.

The players with the best 8 net scores (after deduction of handicap) qualify for the Handicap competition, provided those players have not already qualified for the scratch competition.

Club Championship format

After the qualifying rounds are complete, the Club Championship is played as a series of head to head match play formats off of scratch, ie without handicaps. With 8 players, there are 4 quarter finals and 2 semi finals each played over 18 holes. The final itself is a 36 hole match play head to head, played on the same day with a break for lunch in between rounds.

Handicap Competition format

The Handicap Competition is played in the same way as the scratch club championship, ie as a series of head to head match play formats. The key difference is that handicaps are used so you will either be giving strokes to or receiving strokes from your matchplay opponent.

All members are positively encouraged to enter. Who knows, it could be your name filling in the space for 2022 ????

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