Scottish Golf app – Entering a Score in a Competition

Step 1.

On the day of competition, a green check-in button will go live which allows players to check themselves in for the competition. It’s important to note, this will only go live on the day of competition and once you are in the car park at the golf club.


Step 2.

Once you are ready to start your round, select the yellow scoring button.


Step 3.

Its time to swap cards, Select who you are marking for. The App will prompt you to select the name of card you are marking for that day. Select “Normal Scorecard” then select the name of the person you are marking for.


Step 4: Start Scoring for Your Round

Once on the digital scorecard, functionality is very simple. At the conclusion of each hole,

enter your score and your playing partners score by using the keypad at the bottom of your screen. Once you have entered the scores, the submit button will go “live”. Select “Submit” where you will then get 3 seconds to confirm the score submission.

After the scores are confirm, the card will automatically move on to the next hole.


Step 5: Finalising your round & Sign off your score

You can only finalise your card once: Check that

  1. All scores have been entered; and

  2. No discrepancies exist between the scores recorded by player and marker.


Any discrepancy will be highlighted with a purple box on the scorecard.

Should you have any purple boxes, liaise with your playing partner to determine the correct score before clicking on the purple box and amending the score for that hole.


Once everything has been resolved, the “Finalise” button will go “live” at the bottom of the card.


All that’s left to do is verify the score by providing your signature before selecting the submit button.


A few extra notes :

  1. You’re playing handicap is only used for results purposes. Handicap adjustments will be made using your course handicap.

  2. During your round, ou will be able to fill in your scores on the app during your round, as outlined above, but until we are all familiar with using the app, we recommend completing a scorecard initially as a precautionary measure to back up your score, in case we have any teething issues/technical difficulties with the scoring system.


After your round –

If for any reason you are unable to enter your score on the app, please let us know and we will try to resolve the problem as soon as possible. In this situation, please put a scorecard in the honesty box in gents locker room.