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Competition Arrangements


All players must hold an official handicap to compete in Club Competitions.

Gentlemen may obtain a handicap by returning cards covering 54 holes whether played over 18 or 9 holes, one of which must be marked under Medal Play conditions, marked by a responsible person.

Ladies may obtain a handicap by returning cards covering 54 holes whether played over 18 or 9 holes, played from the (red) LGU tees, marked by a responsible person.

Medals and Similar Competitions

Gentlemen Members may reserve particular starting times by entering their name against a time for the relevant competition on the Starting Sheet. This sheet will be posted on the notice board in the locker room two weeks in advance of the event or by booking through the Scottish Golf app . Members should check the notice board for specific arrangements related to each event. The key events are clearly marked in the diary section, but other events will be organised as appropriate. Full details will appear in the monthly Newsletter.


Starting Times

Gentlemen competitors may play at any time, but the 1st Tee will be reserved for Gentlemen players on days of club competitions as follows:

Saturdays and Sundays                             7.00 am till 10.00 am1.30 pm till   2.00 pm

Wednesday midweek medals                   5.15 pm till   6.00 pm


Lady Members may reserve particular starting times, by entering their name against that time for the normal Monthly Medals which are held on the first Saturday and Sunday of April to September.


Starting times

The 1st Tee will be reserved for Lady players on days of club competitions as follows -

Saturdays                                                     1.00 pm till   1.15 pm

Sundays                                                        10.00 am till 10.15 am

Wednesdays                                                5.00 pm till   5.15 pm

Juniors & Youths

Medal competitions will be held on dates that will be posted on the Notice Board.

Juniors & Youths are also eligible to play on Captains Day and in the Centenary Trophy.

Also, on attaining a handicap of 18 or less, Juniors and Youths may play in Gents competitions for handicapping purposes.

Please check the Notice Board and website for further details.

Match Play Competitions

Entry forms for all Match Play events will be issued with the Subscription notices and must be returned, with entry fees, to the Match Secretary by Thursday, 30th April 2020. Subscription payment arrangements must be concluded before entries will be accepted.

Match Play Conditions

All players must confirm their handicap before each tie

The first named player is the challenger and is responsible for contacting their opponent to arrange the match. All competitors must write their telephone or address details on the appropriate area of the competition sheet.

Except for Round 1, or where an extension has been granted for the previous Round, the challenger must make contact with his opponent within the first week after the deadline date for the previous round. The deadline dates for each round will be clearly marked on the Draw Sheets

The challenger must offer 3 dates, 2 of which must be either a Saturday or Sunday. Where there are difficulties in arranging the match, the challenger must indicate the offered dates on the competition sheet.

Extension to the last specified date for each round will only be authorised by the Match Secretary in exceptional circumstances. Where an extension has been granted, the winner (must within 7 days of winning the tie) contact his next round opponent to make arrangements to play the next round match.

The holes at which strokes are to be given or received in Match Play events are indicated in the Stroke Index on the score card. In the event of extra holes being required, strokes are given and received as for the original 18 holes.

It is accepted etiquette that the loser of a tie enters the winner’s name in the next round on the Competition Sheet immediately after the game.

Competition Priority

Members are reminded that players in all competitions, including Match Play competitions, must be given priority on the Course.

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